The Obesity Evidence Hub’s objective is to identify, analyse and synthesise the evidence on obesity.

About the Obesity Evidence Hub

The Obesity Evidence Hub is a joint project resulting from a partnership between the Cancer Council Victoria, the Bupa Health Foundation and the Obesity Policy Coalition. It is a foundational component to the Obesity Collective, a modern movement to drive action on important obesity initiatives in Australia.

The Obesity Evidence Hub’s objective is to identify, analyse and synthesise the evidence on obesity. By presenting the evidence base, our goal is to provide the platform for future policy development in Australia.

The first stage of the Obesity Evidence Hub covers obesity trends; health impacts; and prevention. Additional topics will be added in a second stage of the hub covering Treatment and Environmental Influences. The hub will be a constantly evolving platform, to be refreshed as new data becomes available and trends emerge over time.

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Our approach

The information on this website draws on the best available evidence from the academic literature, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses where available. The most current data on rates of overweight and obesity and diet and exercise has been sourced from government agencies including the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Hub also uses a range of other sources including key reports by policy thinktanks and health groups; submissions to government inquiries; and reports from reputable media outlets. The information has been clearly referenced so that users of the Hub can seek out more information from source documents where this is useful for their purposes.

Content for the Hub has been overseen by Obesity Policy Coalition Executive Manager Jane Martin; and Academic Director of the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney Professor Stephen Simpson. It was written by Cancer Council Victoria research and policy consultant Kate Hagan with input from the topic experts listed below.

  • Trends: Professor Adrian Bauman; Claudia Gascoyne; Associate Professor Alison Hayes; Daniel Hunt; Professor Amanda Lee; Tegan Nuss; Maree Scully; Clare Slattery
  • Health impacts: Professor Ian Caterson, Dr Jasmine Just; Dr Priya Sumithran
  • Prevention:
    • Marketing to children: Dr Jennifer Harris; Katarnya Hickey; Associate Professor Bridget Kelly; Wendy Watson
    • Labelling: Kathryn Bloom; Anita George; Alexandra Jones; Clare Slattery
    • Tax and price: Dr Kathryn Backholer; Kathryn Bloom; Associate Professor Gary Sacks

We would also like to thank: Margaret Winstanley for her advice on the prevention section; Fernando Escorcia and Melissa McGrath for digital support; and Northmost Studio for designing the site.

Suggested citation

Obesity Evidence Hub. Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne, 2019. Available from: www.obesityevidencehub.org.au